Ground Level Views

We create 3D realistic models from the ground perspective. A detailed model of a house, a museum, a street can be generated.

One of our main areas of our reconstruction expertise is based on the production of high quality photogrammetric scans from a terrestrial perspective. Utilizing laser scanning and full-frame cameras, we can capture very high quality information which results in the detail rich and geometrically complex assets.

Ruined House

The raw capture data is then refined and post-processed to ensure that these assets are performant for real-time application use.

For the house featured in our presentation video, we took close to 1000 images of the entire interior and exterior of the structure.  

Usually, sites are captured and reconstructed as monolithic constructs. In order to best optimize our texture mapping and as such the visual fidelity of the model, we segment it into smaller components.

For this example we opted to segment it into the different chambers which composed the building. In other cases we may use individual characteristics to further divide the model, such as points of interest or perhaps an interesting fixture within the space.

Once the base model is reconstructed and optimized, we have a fully textured and highly detailed model which can be used in a range of contexts.

This could include façade and other constructed element analyses for the detection and marking of defects and structural issues.

The available detail and fidelity allows for the remote inspection and evaluation of properties and structures, which is especially useful in the case of accessibility issues.

Furthermore, it allows for the visualization of the space through being able to view through a few more technical perspectives such as orthorectified plan views or sections.

Such views facilitate a quicker understanding of the space and enable users to understand the space and its unique characteristics, such as room layout planning and space utilization.

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